The remote, cold island nation of Revelstoke was once a peaceful place. For centuries, it was ruled by the Bruck family and the island prospered.

The island’s capitol, Kingsport, was a bustling center of trade and served as a major trade port for the island’s inhabitants.

Revelstoke is ruled by King Walter Bruck, an old King who has ruled the throne for forty years. Normally a jovial man who was fair and just, something changed approximately one year ago.

Since that time, the once-peaceful Kingdom of Revelstoke has begun to erode. The King has stopped sending patrols into the north and into the Great Bog to the south, so the roads have become too dangerous for all but the most daring of merchants.

Kingsport especially has become a shell of its former self; the once-bustling port has all but ceased shipping activity.


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